Gulf 116

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Gulf 116

Gulf 116 is a leaded, non-oxygenated fuel designed for supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous applications. The high-quality and consistent fuel provides superior detonation protection at all levels.

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Leaded fuel. Best suited for drag racing applications where oxygenated fuels are permitted

High increase of horsepower and torque gains compared to other leaded fuels

Requires specific engine mapping and tuning


Research Octane Number 116

Motor Octane Number 109

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Dry Vapor Pressure Equivalent 2.4psi

Oxygen Content < 0.1% (m/m)

Specific Gravity 0.736

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Gulf Motorsports

One of the latest leaded fuel development made by Gulf Race Fuels.
„The Gulf brand is associated with winning, whatever the discipline.”
Across sports cars, single seaters, motorcycle racing and further afield, the Gulf brand isassociated with winning, whatever the discipline. Gulf Race Fuels now aspires to take its offer to other global markets, via a dedicated blending facility in Europe. Race, rally, aftermarket and historic fuels are now all available, with each product tailored to the unique requirements of the specific discipline.
Gulf Rally Fuel
Power increase compared to the reference 98 octane fuel.
Torque increase compared to the reference 98 octane fuel.